red flower dress

Darya Shkipina

I was born in Nadvoici, Russia in 1992. Five years later my family and I moved, and I went to primary school in St. Petersburg. I spent all of my summers painting with my grandfather and my brother in Karelia, Russia, as well as helping my godmother with children’s theater projects in Zhitomir, Ukraine. 
In the year of 2000 my family and I moved to Redwood City, CA, U.S.. In order to better process all the major changes happening, I continued to advance my skills in art by taking watercolor lessons with Ukrainian artist Pavel Tayber. I also began training and competing in figure skating. My love for the sport sparked a new interest of mine – costumes. After that awakening, my watercolor paintings became strongly focused on costume design and costume history. 
I continued to develop my interest in costume design when I attended Ohlone College in 2010, and moved in achieving a B.A. in costume design from University of California, Los Angeles.

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